Elite Recruit Program Options

If you are interested in one of the college recruiting services, please fill out this College Recruiting Questionnaire

As an Elite Recruit, this means that you are ready to start finding the right college fit, so let’s see how I can help you successfully navigate this process.

If you haven’t filled out the questionnaire please do that now and I will contact you once I am able to look it over.

Because the Elite Recruit programs are extensive and individualized, I cater each program to the specific needs of the player and family. Once you have filled out the questionnaire we will set up a time to speak over the phone to discuss these options in further detail.

Below are the aspects that are included as part of an Elite Recruit program.

Recruiting Assistance

Unlimited consultation hours (emails, calls, texts, video chats) for players on all aspects of the process. *** Parents may be limited on their communication to encourage the player to contact Brandi

Resume and intro email guidance and review

Best fit list of schools to research and contact based on academics, golf resume and the recruits preferences plus assistance with introductions to the appropriate coaches.

Weekly accountability check-ins

Lifetime access to Golf Recruiting Advantage Online Program

Access to a private online group for updates, materials, challenges, videos, college coach insight and much more

Assistance with setting up college visits, preparing for visits and follow-up after visits

Insight into college golf programs and questions to ask coaches in order to find the right fit

Tournament Assistance

Tournament schedule assistance and travel recommendations

Pre and post-tournament talks and discussions when requested

Group meetings/dinners at specific tournaments, camps or a neutral location when possible

Weekly accountability check-ins


Consultation on decision making and finding the right college fit

Game development exercises, drills, nutrition and fitness recommendations when requested

Mentorship on career and personal development (goal setting, assertiveness, independence, maturity, time management, determination, personal growth, confidence, etc…)

College golf preparation

A detailed outline will be provided of the player, parent and Brandi’s responsibilities and a contract will be signed by all 3 parties before services will begin.

If you would like to learn more about the Prep Recruit services and if they are a better fit for you, please check out the Prep Recruit services.

Could not have done this without her. From the initial and very candid consult, to interview prep to how to handle an offer, Brandi is a master of the entire college golf recruiting process. She is totally accessible to the player and the parent and does what she says she will do. Her knowledge of the process is superior but her knowledge of the coaches and programs is where she truly stands out. This helps her find a program that is the right fit for the player, not just one that sounds good with the big name. Recruiting has its own language and rules and Brandi is the person to help you navigate the challenge

The recruiting process can be stressful and confusing. Brandi helped to make the process easier and more enjoyable for our daughter. As a former junior, collegiate, and professional golfer, Brandi brings experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is well respected in the industry and helps make connections with coaches easy. Our family is extremely grateful for Brandi’s personal interest in our daughter and we definitely recommend her services.