Prep Recruit Services

Through the BJGolf Prep Recruit program, you will have access to Brandi and many of the features and services offered to the Elite Recruits, just on a more limited scale. This allows a younger, less experienced player the opportunity to navigate the road towards starting the recruiting process.

As a Prep Recruit, you will find value in the opportunity to learn from Brandi’s experience as a junior, collegiate and professional player, along with her knowledge and expertise of the college golf recruiting world.

If you are interested in one of the college recruiting services, please fill out this College Recruiting Questionnaire

The Prep Recruit program offers three options:




Private Consultation     1.5 hour per quarter 1 hour per month
Live Group Calls 2x a month 2x a month 2x a month
BJGolf Private Team App
Exclusive Content
Drills and Challenges
Price  $39/month $79/month $119/month

Private consultation: These are live one on one chats via phone or virtual meeting where the client may ask specific or general questions regarding all phases of junior golf and college recruiting. This is your chance to get your questions answered so that you stay on track to achieving your goals.

Live Group Calls: These live video Q and A’s are hosted by Brandi every other Monday evening (except on holidays or other scheduling conflicts) for all Prep Recruits. These calls provide players and parents the opportunity to ask general questions about college recruiting and receive insight about the process.

BJGolf Private Team App: All Prep recruits will be enrolled in the BJGolf Team App which houses all current and past drills and challenges, plus exclusive content, updates and much more. You may also post your questions to the group discussion to get answers and insight from both Brandi and other players going through this process.

Exclusive content: Be the first to know what is going on in the junior golf and college recruiting world with exclusive insight, tips and advice.

Drills and Challenges: Monthly practice drills and challenges are posted in the BJGolf Team App for players to utilize during their own practice and on course time. Also, a book club, article reading and assignments are scheduled throughout the year.

If you would like to learn more about the Elite Recruit services and if they are a better fit for you, please check out the Elite Recruit services.

Terms of agreement: * Private consultations to be requested 48 hours in advance utilizing the online calendar in the BJGolf Team App. These consultations are to be booked by the client and used at the client’s discretion. A one time carryover will be allowed for a missed consultation booking.  *Private consultation time allotment to be used at one time, can not be broken up into multiple sessions *No email (or text message) access for Prep Recruits except prior to a consultation session regarding any questions or documents related to the upcoming consultation *College coach referrals are not included in the Prep Recruit Programs * Paid in full membership must be canceled within 7 days, if no services were provided you will receive a full refund, if services were provided those will be deducted from refund total.